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"This Property is Very Clean! Great Office Staff. Amanda and Whitney are so friendly and professional."

- May 2017 by Janice Wasey

"Thought I'd come in and give a current review since the ones here are so old. I've been here about 6 months now and so far, everything has been great. The rent is affordable and the apartment that I have (one bedroom) is very nice for what I pay. It's quiet, and I can't hear my neighbors at all. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was the only one in the building. The people around here are friendly, and the office staff has been great. Maintenance has been attentive and responds quickly. Some people seem to have minor issues now and then and I know that because every now and then we get a message asking us to pay attention to whatever it is that the management has received complaints about. They seem to listen and respond to tenant concerns, and they seem to keep tight control of the rules and regulations. I have lived in a lot of apartments and although this one is a little smaller than I've had before, it is one of the nicer ones I've lived in, and one of the better values. I feel safe here. If I could change anything, I would have liked better water pressure and I would have liked new carpeting when I moved in. The carpeting was cleaned but within about a month I could see every single stain that was ever there just from me walking on it. The carpet looks very dirty now although I've never stained it at all, and that does bug me a little. I didn't ask before I moved in because I just expected there would be new carpeting as most places do that. There's also a square patch in the carpeting right in the middle of my hallway and that bugs me too. The water pressure, I've heard, is worse on the side of the complex that I live on because it travels to us from the other side of the complex. I live on the side parallel to Massman Road, so I guess if you want better water pressure, take an apartment further inside the complex. It's not horrible on this side, but it's not quite as good as I'd like it. But I feel like these are very minor grievances and overall I've been very happy here."

- December 2015 by Anonymous

"I love this "

- December 2014 by Ramey M.